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Need to quickly fill technical positions? Our site is highly targeted toward technology professionals, our jobs get distributed through a vast network of job boards and feeds. AceTiger is one of the most popular tech job boards and is used by over 5,000 employers (including many Fortune 500 companies).

  • We are a pay-per-click job search engine. Our minimum per click pricing is just $0.25

Our features:
  • Full featured ATS to post and manage jobs with ease
  • Vast distribution network means your tech job shows up on a multitude of other websites, job aggregator sites and blogs.
  • Huge searchable technical resume database, ensuring top tech talent is at your fingertips at all times

Distribution Network

External sites:

Our own job board network:

Plus we have a daily EMAIL (job alert) that goes out to thousands of registered users!

How is AceTiger better than Monster / Careerbuilder?

  • We have metro area search.
    Users can click on areas such as Los Angeles, or Miami, and immediately see listings.
  • We have free basic resume search
    Our free basic resume search is here.
  • We also have a lot of visitors
    While me might not equal Monster's traffic, we get a whole lot of visitors and have nationwide reach. We get thousands of visitors daily, from all corners of the United States. And these visitors are not annoyed by ads all over the place, or a slow loading site. They also convert to job applicants at a higher rate and, on average, fit the job better.
  • We have quick apply
    Applicants can apply to jobs quickly and efficiently, which increases your chances of landing that perfect candidate.
  • We have a faster loading site
    - Monster/Careerbuilder are overloaded with graphics and various other content, which results in slow loading times. Our site is optimized and loads fast!
  • We have less ads
    Monster and Careerbuilder have annoying ads all over the place. We have very little advertising.

How is AceTiger better than Craigslist?

  • Candidate Quality
    - we have high level candidates that do not visit sites like Craigslist. The quality of the applicants on our site is much higher.
  • We have an applicant tracking system.
    No more email clutter! All candidates are neatly stored in a database, which can be retrieved/viewed at any time.
  • Company pages
    with AceTiger, you can create a company page and post jobs under this company.
  • Efficiency
    we are corporate friendly. All jobs are neatly stored in your account, as are all the candidates. All information is searchable and easy to access.

Want exposure for your jobs? Get followers! Non-confidential jobs have a [follow] link. Your followers are automatically be notified of all new jobs.

AceTiger includes a Free applicant tracking system and a myriad of other features that make recruiting and hiring a breeze!
AceTiger.com is:
  • One of the web's most popular tech job search websites
  • Offers exposure to millions of job seekers through job feeds into job aggregation websites.


AceTiger has been instrumental in our tech recruiting efforts. It brings us the tech talent better than any other resource out there. And, believe me, we've tried quite a few.

Ben Zigman
Best IT Recruitment
Philadelphia, PA

In this economy, it is difficult to justify spending thousands of dollars on 5-10 ads with Monster® or Careerbuilder® with limited results, and that's why AceTiger has been invaluable to me by bringing in a lot of strong, qualified candidates for each of the jobs I've posted.

    Matt, Recruiter
    The Right Hire Inc
    Los Angeles, CA

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