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Free Applicant Tracking System

AceTiger provides a full-featured free applicant tracking system. We provide a quick to implement, standard solution for managing recruitment. Our system is intuitive and easy to use, yet has a multitude of features to help you navigate and sort out resumes and job applications. The applicant database is fully searchable.

Usually, SaaS (software-as-a-service) applicant systems cost hundreds of dollars a month. However, even in this price range, the software is often inadequate, especially from the job seekers point of view. ATS creators forget the fact that virtually half the users of applicant tracking systems are job seekers. They search out for positions and apply to jobs.

The front-end of such systems is often cumbersome to use. Not so with AceTiger free applicant tracking system. It is very user friendly from both ends. It simplifies the application process as well as makes it easy for employers to manage their applicant pool. Employers have immediate access to statistics, including number of positions posted and applicants. Managing job applications is also streamlined. Registration is completely free, please sign up to take advantage of everything our free applicant tracking system has to offer: